Friday, April 25, 2008

aww. damn too afraid that i'd take the finals in bio lab and lec. oh fuck. T_T i mean i'm not supergirl. although i have passing grades in both lab and lec, it's still not enough to shoot for a 70 flat exemption grade. grrr.. goodness gracious. plus the fact that i sucked in muscle anatomy so i have to make extra bawi for the next exams. T_T

damn got 9/20 and almost the rest of the class passed it saying that it was easy and crap. but God, all of his questions were like (duh?) i don't even know where that alba something was located. i relied solely on my manual and atlas. grrr.. T_T fuck fuck fuck.

on the lighter story, lec prof got extremely mad at us when classmate1 and classmate2 was scolded in front of the entire class.

A. we don't like lec prof not that much, i mean everybody's saying that he's cool and okay but no. i personally find him boring.
B. we concocted several names for our lec prof. i mean yes it's disrecpectful but it's funny too. haha. he reminds us of HARRY POTTER so we ended up naming him [insert his surname] potter and everytime he enters the room, we end up humming the harry potter theme. haha. harry potter and the goblet cells in the squamous epithelium. harry potter and the order of the pharynx.

yeah. XD when sir lab told us that lec prof was getting pissed off we decided to stop torturing him during class hours. brrr.. i'll try to be nicer. i promise i will

5:33 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2008

i'm starting to doubt THIS.

lately, we've been lax about the relationship part. somehow, we took each other for granted knowing that at the end of the day, there will still be us. but then again, things are starting to get really crazy. he wants me to trust him. but that's not exactly easy seeing how easily he can fall on the pangs of temptations.

i don't want to give him a hard time. summer classes are hard enough for both of us. grr... still, i'm holding on. we can do this. see?

i don't know. i really don't know.

i thought distance makes the heart go fonder???

lately, all i ever did was to question his love.maybe he'll get tired of it, maybe he won't. still...
pepau's great. he gave me nothing but the best 10months of my life.

but somehow... i'm starting to have doubts. i see ourselves divided by a glass wall. and the gap just keeps on growing. growing...

still, i can't question my feelings for him. i know he loves me and i feel exactly the same. i just get so afraid of getting hurt. i guess...

we'll pull this through. TOGETHER.

11:36 PM

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

so depress. sound trip + chocolate obsession to drown away depression...

cross it off my list. the puerto trip + the PSP

i don't want to complain. maybe i didn't do my best. but before i accept failure, i have to shift the blame. i get good grades. i don't spend my college life wasted. (like my other hs friends.) i have a choice you know. i'm a good student. a good daughter...

but f*ck... what more do they want???

the bitch doesn't have to earn it. she has everything she wants. all she have to do is invent an alibi and *poof* she gets what she wants...

i have to work my ass off for this. for what?

i don't have a mac ibook. neither a 4gig ipod. this was the first time i ever asked for anything. first time i wanted something. and i have to earn it. major disappointment when i didn't get it. missed it with a few effin' points.

FUCK. heavens i want to die. after i exerted a lot of effort...

if i have to spend all my effin' money for a PSP. i will.

to that super duper cool teacher who gave me a 2.0 for psych 10, eff up!! i know i did my best. i passed all my requirements on time and you didn't heard a single complain from me. I AM WORTH MORE THAN A DOS...

9:09 PM

Sunday, April 6, 2008

excited. too damn excited

talked to cha thru ym. inviting me to a galera trip on may2-4. soo excited. 1 problem though. still have doubts if mom will allow me to go there. i mean. yes i'm 18 but i have this feeling that she won't allow me. still, it won't hurt to ask. i mean there's nothing to lose ayt?

awww... excited. when she said that it was one important matter. i thought she'd make drama or something. awww

EXCITED. brr..

i wish that there will be no friday summer class sched.

9:21 PM

april 6. and i almost forgot that it will be our 10th monthsarii today. awww... that i didn't tell him. he'll make tampo big time if ever...

FBC training was really exhausting. aww... but it was fun. new friends + new ates and kuyas. they really were great (although i was really terrified with the way they yelled at us) haha... but then again, i know that it was all part of the training.

tsk... just a week to go before my summer classes... grrrr....

can't feel the summer mode...

the post title is the line of the song that i'm currently listening right now.

8:51 AM